Our Philosophy


t Bake In A Minute, we are motivated by the desire for excellent health and enjoyable food that is good for you. We also understand that obtaining a low carb lifestyle can be challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be. With a constant fitness regimen and good, daily nutritional choices, we can help make obtaining low carb, better for you food, delicious and easier to prepare.


e understand that food can be medicine, and your nutrition can impact your health. That is why it is also important to read and research your ingredients.


ur Bake In A Minute - Bread mix and more is easy, convenient and versatile. On its own or as part of a recipe, we know our mix will become a favourite addition to your pantry and a staple in your journey to optimal health, weight maintenance and low carb nutrition.

-Bake In a Minute-

Our Ingredients

Marula Oil
Shea Butter

Who We Are

Bake In A Minute is committed to providing quality, nutritious and delicious, minimal ingredient bread mix and more.

Using healthy, balanced ingredients, Bake In A Minute is a bread mix that will bake in the microwave in 90 seconds.

At Bake In A Minute, we ensure your low carb bread will be made in a time efficient manner, as we understand that time is of the essence when obtaining healthy, quality food.

Extremely versatile, our grain free mix is easy to make, low carb and preservative free.

In your low carb journey, if you are missing that fresh, baked taste in grain free breads, try Bake In A Minute.